Renzo Rosso founded DIESEL in 1978. With the experience in denim, the brand has developed to become one of the top brands in the premium fashion business as well as a leading name in the luxury segment, with products that range from fashion to lifestyle. Diesel’s design philosophy evolved from Rosso’s initial aim for the… Continue reading Diesel


ASICS has been developing sports footwear and apparel for more than 50 years. In this time, innovation has been the key to our introduction of design philosophies that have revolutionized the world of sports. At our research and development center in Kobe, Japan, we work in close collaboration with male and female athletes. Through our… Continue reading Asics


Since its establishment in 1979, Melissa has broadened its innovations and created countless unique and stunning shoes, some of which have become the brand’s most iconic collections. Throughout the four decades of its history, the brand has collaborated with internationally renowned artists and fashion designers, from Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, and Campana Brothers to… Continue reading Melissa

Fred perry

In 1940, Tibby Wegner, a former Austrian footballer, approached Fred Perry with a business idea. It led to the duo’s first product, a sweatband with the original Fred Perry logo. The classic pique cotton sports shirt was later widely acknowledged as the most iconic piece of Fred Perry apparel, known for its securely fastened top… Continue reading Fred perry


Ipanema has the sustainable DNA. The sun, which inspires us so much, also gives strength to the design of our sandals. Vegan and not tested on animals, they are made of 100% recyclable plastic and the energy is obtained through photovoltaic solar panels. As the world changes constantly, Ipanema follows each of the transformations. The… Continue reading Ipanema