The Power of Greatness

Throughout its 70-year history, JASPAL GROUP has always been devoted to inspiring and passing on the determination that results from the organization and its employees to create positive and sustainable impacts on Thailand’s future moving forward.

The Power of Sharing

We endorse the power of giving and sharing for those in need with the goal of helping people and society move forward, develop, and evolve together.

  • Donating blankets to charitable organizations to express the company’s empathy for people in need.
  • A donation for the purchase of medical equipment for COVID-19 patients.

The Power of Next

We believe in the potential of the next generation. As a key figure in Thailand’s fashion industry, we are eager to share our experience and assist new-generation designers in reaching their full potential and becoming a force that will keep the country’s fashion sector moving towards a more sustainable future.

The JASPAL GROUP Scholarship Program seeks out aspiring designers in Thailand’s fashion industry and provides them with comprehensive support, ranging from a full scholarship for the duration of their education to the opportunity to work with professional designers, which will lay the groundwork for their promising future career. The project also intends to build a strong network of Thai designers in order for the Thai fashion industry to continue to grow and thrive.

The Power of Sustainability

We believe in the long-term growth of the community and the environment, which takes place in tandem with our business operations and allows our company, the community, and the environment to flourish and develop in the most sustainable way possible.