Ipanema has the sustainable DNA. The sun, which inspires us so much, also gives strength to the design of our sandals. Vegan and not tested on animals, they are made of 100% recyclable plastic and the energy is obtained through photovoltaic solar panels.

As the world changes constantly, Ipanema follows each of the transformations. The comfort of the flat styles, nature-friendly materials and sandals that go beyond the limits of the sand to conquer territory also on the streets and at work open the horizon for freedom. Because our brand travels everywhere without losing the naturalness so characteristic of Brazilian women. In this movement that celebrates the possibility of walking lighted paths, surely there will be space in the future so that Ipanema can continue to accompany women and their strength of reinvention with a light that extends from head to toe – as a hot day at the beach full of the lightness and solar energy of our sandals.

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