27 May 2024 / NEWS

QUINN launches Pre-Fall 2024 Collection ‘QUINN LUCID DREAM’

QUINN is a fashion brand that embodies the essence of contemporary women, celebrating their strength, timeless elegance, and fearless individuality, introduces the latest Continued bold brand statement of aesthetics and love of art appreciation. The blend of classic, surreal and modern, contemporary elements disrupts traditional notions of perspective parallel existence. The QUINN Pre-Fall 2024 collection is inspired by Giorgio de Chirico’s l’incertitude du poète, a surrealist artist. His works often include Roman arches, long shadows, figures, trains and abstract perspectives. Every element of his work seems more like a dream than reality.

Chirico wants to make us question whether the images we see are real or whether they were created by our minds. This made the charm of semi-realism a unique dream that was very popular at the time. QUINN has reinterpreted this concept in an interesting way with QUINN LUCID DREAM, a collection that is both classic and contemporary. Reality and dreams come together in perfect harmony.

This QUINN collection tells a story through clothing, colors and exquisite tailoring techniques, highlighting iconic pieces that clearly reflect the surreal concept, such as a classic beige trench coat with surreal sky print on the sleeves. A short white dress may look like an ordinary mini dress from a distance. But if you look closely, you’ll see white padding details as well as chic soft pillows that give it a super modern look, or a garment embellished with a red pocket square, the standout details conveyed by a blue sheer shirt and a white sleeveless jumper crop top are also perfect to wear. Unique to QUINN’s urban-girl style are dresses with earth-toned patterns in a variety of designs. This time, QUINN has added a few gimmicks such as using sheer silk fabric to make your look even more polished and extraordinary.

There are also accessories such as bags in different styles that revisit the iconic QUINN Star motif in a shoulder bag, this time with a crossbody fabric strap printed with the QUINN logo. Styling options or a large pale-yellow tote are ready to complete the look and make women stand out more than ever.

Shop QUINN ‘s pre-fall collection today at all Quinn stores and on our website www.iamquinn.com

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