6 March 2024 / NEWS

JASPAL Collaboration with Coca-Cola K-Wave

JASPAL welcomes summer through a collaboration with Coca-Cola by launching the limited edition JASPAL Collaboration with Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar, the latest collection from JASPAL that captures the trend of K Pop. In a world where the influence of K-pop transcends borders and cultures, Coca-Cola revealed how it is, literally, riding the Korean wave with its latest flavor drop.

Inspiration behind the collection comes from the fun and dynamic nature of K-Pop as well as the younger and more vibrant that derive from the culture. Combining with the stylish and fashion forward nature of the JASPAL brand to create a line that is futuristic and sleek. The collection is created to have wow effect for fashion lovers.

JASPAL has always been known for its high quality fabric and material selection and through this collaboration, the collection highlights stylized designs using futuristic accents to make it truly unique. JASPAL designers integrated the elements of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle as well as the music notes to capture the essence of K Pop. Featuring must-have items of 13 SKU to the limited collection that will be available in all Jaspal stores in Thailand. Items include dresses, tops, skirts, shirts available for both men and women.

Shop the JASPAL Collaboration with Coca-Cola K-Wave now at all JASPAL Stores and Online at www.jaspal.com

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