31 August 2023 / NEWS

Jaspal Group demonstrates its leadership in ASEAN fashion and lifestyle market Armed with a diverse portfolio of famous brands covering all target groups, Jaspal Group is now taking Thailand’s fashion industry to the world

Jaspal Public Company Limited (Jaspal Group or JPC) has solidified its position as a leader in the fashion and lifestyle business within ASEAN as it showcases its expertise in the sector from upstream to downstream levels of design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. With its impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands in clothing, high fashion, mattresses and bedding, home furnishings and furniture, Jaspal Group caters to a wide range of target demographics both at home and overseas. It is also actively contributing to Thailand’s ascent in the global fashion landscape. 


Mr. Charan Singhsachathet, Chief executive officer of Jaspal PCL, said the company and its subsidiaries have carved a niche in the ASEAN region as a prominent business entity operating across the fashion spectrum, from manufacturing to distribution and spanning to mattresses and bedding, home furnishings and furniture under its subsidiary Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd. The group also manages as many as 25 internationally acclaimed brands encompassing both in-house and imported labels.


The primary objective is to cater to the diverse requirements of customers across various demographics and lifestyles, ensuring adherence to global standards of quality. This commitment has resulted in a positive reception not only within Thailand, but also internationally. The collective expertise of the company’s personnel, who are well-versed in consumer trends, drives the creation of fashion products and services. This approach encompasses thoughtful design, production and efficient inventory management to meet the multifaceted needs of consumers across different lifestyle segments. 


Through these efforts, the company aims to establish enduring product brands that leave a lasting impact and are accessible to a global audience. This pursuit is propelling the company towards becoming a leading global fashion lifestyle enterprise, spreading joy to millions worldwide. These endeavors are also instrumental in elevating Thailand’s fashion industry to international recognition within the global fashion arena. 


“With more than 70 years in the business, we have a deep understanding of the lifestyle fashion industry, spanning from design and procurement to manufacturing and distribution. The company’s diverse portfolio of brands is meticulously curated to cater to the ever-changing lifestyle of consumer segments both within Thailand and overseas. This has helped drive the group’s operations to grow steadily and sustainably,” Charan said.


Mr. Viseth Singhsachathet, Deputy chief executive officer of Jaspal PCL, highlighted the company’s significant market share in Thailand’s specialized clothing and footwear industry. With a market share of 8.4%, 10% and 10.5% in 2020, 2021 and 2022, respectively (according to Euromonitor International), JASPAL GROUP’s prowess in design, sourcing and customer-centricity is evident in the variety of products offered. The group’s brands, both in-house and imported, cover a wide spectrum of styles, designs and identities, meeting the comprehensive needs of various customer segments. 


As of March 31, 2022, Jaspal Group’s fashion business covered 19 brands, divided into 10 in-house brands such as JASPAL, CC DOUBLE O, CPS CHAPS, LYN, and lyn around, and 9 import brands such as FRED PERRY, DIESEL and Superdry, etc. These brands offer more than 113,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) spanning clothing accessories, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and eyewear.


The mattress and bedding business group, meanwhile, encompasses 6 brands, offering over 21,500 SKUs of products under both in-house and import brands, including SANTAS, SANTAS HOME, STEVENS, Sealy, TEMPUR and ETHAN ALLEN.


With an extensive distribution network comprising 970 branches both domestically and internationally, Jaspal Group is committed to offering quality products to its customers. In addition to stores in shopping malls, department stores and leading retail centers nationwide, Jaspal Group has also embraced online channels, including its website and various online marketplaces, to expand its reach and adapt to changing consumer preferences. The group is also expanding its reach in the mattress and bedding market through project sales and export. 

Mr. Yosathep Singhsachathet, Deputy chief executive officer of Jaspal PCL, highlighted the company’s presence overseas, saying the group has a competitive advantage in the fashion industry in Thailand, especially with its extensive portfolio of leading brands covering consumer lifestyles, and a strong internationally recognized label. JASPAL is the first Southeast Asian brand to participate in a “Brand Collaboration” with world-class designers to create special collections as well as choose international supermodels, celebrities, actors and singers to become ambassadors for the brands. 


The group currently has branches and distribution points in leading shopping centers in ASEAN countries, like Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia. With future plans for market expansion into countries like the Philippines, Jaspal Group is poised to continue its journey as a leader in the fashion and lifestyle industry, showcasing its commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction on a global platform.