15 February 2024 / NEWS

Get ready with FRED PERRY's Night Tales continue for Spring/Summer 2024 collection

Get Ready is a continuation of Night Tales, offering the new perspective and ode to the rites and rituals of getting ready for a night out. Getting ready isn’t defined by where you’re going but who you are, and conventional dress-codes have changed as the latest generation bring a new attitude towards style. It’s not just about getting dressed up for nights out, but every moment is an opportunity to express your individuality. Every moment an occasion worth documenting. A celebration of our community, for 2024 we explore the rituals and ceremonies of getting ready, wherever the night takes us. ‘Get Ready’ provides an exciting opportunity for us to join together and share stories, photos, and events that connect us all. Inclusive and of the moment – a genuine window into the worlds and experiences of our global community.

Saturday night is the shedding of the week’s skin, the rekindling of social adventure. We learn early, as teenagers, to present a version of ourselves with a bit of personal sell, a touch of flash. We become the incumbent marketing men of our own individual brands. We put a Laurel Wreath on our chest to explain, tacitly, that we are better dressed than the ones who don’t. And, it goes without saying that the Fred Perry Shirt lies at the center of it all. A symbol of expression, not fashion – as trends come and go, the Fred Perry Shirt remains a timeless style hero. Adopted by generations of people who think the same, but different. The go-to piece to go out in, getting ready always starts with the shirt.

Turn up the fun after sundown with your go-to FRED PERRY’s Night Tales continue. Available now at all FRED PERRY stores throughout Thailand. Let the night be your runway!

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