Lyn beauty

The definition and objectives of LYN BEAUTY evolved from a belief in the approachable, uncomplicated, practical, yet luxurious glamour reflected through natural beauty. LYN BEAUTY has developed a wide range of high-quality makeup products with shades of color that have been designed and chosen to complement all skin tones. LYN BEAUTY, as a makeup brand,… Continue reading Lyn beauty

CPS Coffee 

C.P.S. Coffee, the specialty coffee and lifestyle bar from CPS CHAPS, is making its way to the top. The fashionable coffee haven is part of Jaspal Group, a leading fashion and lifestyle empire that aims to be the “Lifestyle Hero”, allowing customers to explore their fashion passion from its many brands – each with its… Continue reading CPS Coffee 


From Ipanema Rider to Zaxy, the multi-brand store offers a stunning selection of shoes from some of the most popular brands for consumers of all ages and genders. These shoes are chosen for their modern, stylish designs that come in an incredible range of colors and high-quality materials. Previous slide Next slide


If QUINN were a woman, she would be a light-hearted yet passionate soul, a realist with a dreamer’s spirit. QUINN, as a fashion brand, offers a variety of collections of clothing, purses, and shoes that embody women of charming feminine spirit with strong personalities and no fear of being different. QUINN’s fashion ethos bespeaks style,… Continue reading Quinn

Royal IVY

ROYAL IVY REGATTA is a brand of clothing designed for individuals with distinct personalities that radiate taste, confidence, and style. Embodying the essence of American Elegance, inspired by the lifestyle and culture of the elite society of Ivy League university students in New England, ROYAL IVY REGATTA’s apparel and accessories stand out with their understated,… Continue reading Royal IVY

Misty Mynx

As a lifestyle fashion brand catering to modern women who value female empowerment, diversity, and freedom of self-expression, MISTY MYNX has become a symbol of the ideals and aspirations of confident and vivacious women. The brand has created collections of stylish activewear and work clothes designed to enhance the female body and to complement the… Continue reading Misty Mynx

Jelly Bunny

Jelly Bunny is a fashion brand widely loved for its colorful jelly shoes, purses, and accessories designed for children and women. Made of high-quality PVC, Jelly Bunny shoes are distinctive for their very own unique textures, fashionably cute designs that offer both comfort and practicality for everyday wear, and affordable pricing. The brand’s product lines… Continue reading Jelly Bunny

Lyn around

lyn around is a clothing and accessory brand known for its design that beautifully captures the feminine spirit. The brand’s clothing and accessories are notable for their ability to portray the vibrancy of femininity through unique silhouettes and patterns that are delicate, appealing, and convey confidence and the essence of womanhood. lyn around’s fashion concept… Continue reading Lyn around


CC DOUBLE O embodies the essence of American casual wear—simple yet classy, confident, and stylish, as symbolized by the bird icon in the brand’s logo.  From apparel and accessories to bags, shoes, and perfumes, each creation of the brand is meticulously designed and made with great attention to detail. CC DOUBLE O is a perfect… Continue reading CC-OO


LYN is all about trendy and budget-friendly accessories, from bags to shoes and more. The brand strategically targets a demographic that is primarily young adult women who have diverse fashion preferences and styles. LYN’s main focus has always been on creating exceptional products that combine simplicity with style and practicality for everyday use. One of the brand’s most well-… Continue reading Lyn