STEVENS has aspired to offer the greatest sleep solution at affordable prices without compromising quality. Following the brand statement “Making Life Better”, STEVENS is committed to brings users high-quality, reasonably-priced products from bed linens, bath towels, white filling, mattresses to bed ensembles, and living accessories. The brand’s premium-quality linen fabric is the product of extensive research and sophisticated technical processes to achieve the nicest touch… Continue reading Stevens


Denmark-imported mattresses, pillows, beds, and other unique pressure relieving products have been designed with adaptable and pressure relieving features that efficiently support users’ various body proportions. The world’s first memory foam, TEMPUR® Material, was initially created for NASA to cushion astronauts during space travel before it was later developed into viscoelastic mattress and pillow under the trademark TEMPUR®. Thanks to its capacity… Continue reading Tempur


Sealy Posturepedic, a globally renowned mattress brand from the United States with its “sleeping is the best way to rest” concept, has long had JASPAL Group as the official manufacturer and distributor in Thailand.  The brand’s continuing focus on research and development in the “science of sleep,” has been carried out to create and improve products that can effectively… Continue reading Sealy


The premium bedding products under the Santas brand have been developed for users’ ultimate resting comfort. Santas’s extensive product lines range from bed sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers to filled bedding that has been designed to fit humans’ body proportions and extra soft towels with excellent water absorption, all of which are manufactured using… Continue reading Santas

Santas home

The high-end lifestyle brand is distinguished by its high-count bed linens made of premium-quality fabrics. Santas Home’s bedding and bathroom goods are handcrafted by highly experienced and skilled artisans to provide the softest and most delicate touch possible. The brand also provides a selection of European-imported home décor items and furnishings that have been chosen… Continue reading Santas home