26 July 2023 / NEWS

Jelly Bunny Fall/Winter 2023 - Self-Discovery Lesson Live, Learn, and Have Some Fun

Jelly Bunny invites all fashionistas to the latest Fall/Winter 2023 collection ‘Self-Discovery Lesson‘. The new fashion campaign features a chaotic but unforgettable coming-of-age high school story. A group of teens who share their common interests and activities – art, music and sports – to find their true selves while struggling with the complexity, indecision and emotional imbalance of growing up. We bring all the hopes, dreams and worries of teens into sporty, cool streetwear, esthetic abstract prints, logo monogram patterns with an array of eye-catching colors ranging from electric pink, clementine orange, navy blue, orchid brown to classic black and white.

The key design of the upcoming fashion collection features chic and casual garments, starting with a body-hugging knit dress, a long-sleeved cardigan with ice cream print, a long-sleeved button-down shirt with Jereme rabbit embroidery, a cardigan with monogram print, a short-sleeved romper, a multicolored crop jacket, an iconic crop top and high-waist shorts, and high-waist denim pants.

The ever-popular branded items, shoes and bags, have been redesigned to make them more stylish and fashionable, giving them a playful twist. Starting with the high-quality PVC scented slingback shoes, basic design sandals, monogram print chucky sneakers and buckle strap flip flops. Next up is a parade of cute bags, a monogram print half-round crossbody bag, a puffy quilted shoulder bag, and a bunch of cool monogram bucket hats that will give any girl the energy of a superstar ready to take on any challenge in the big city.

Join us for our new fashion semester in our new collection ‘Self-Discovery Lesson‘ at Jelly Bunny Store or at jellybunny.com.

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