13 July 2023 / NEWS

C.P.S. COFFEE expands its reach through 3 models: Pop-up Store - Coffee Bar - Coffee Truck to build awareness and target different customer groups

C.P.S. COFFEE, a specialty coffee & lifestyle bar-style café built on the success of JASPAL GROUP’s fashion brand CPS CHAPS, has announced plans to open new outlets following 3 different models to meet the needs of a wider group of customers. The 3 models are: 

  • Pop-up Stores at high-traffic shopping malls like Bangkok’s Siam Paragon to target trendsetters; 
  • Coffee Bars in office buildings and mixed-use projects, as well as in provinces, and; 
  • Coffee Trucks that can be stationed at different events such as concerts and festivals to meet the needs of different people.

Mr. Apisit Singhsachathet, General Manager of CPS CHAPS and C.P.S. COFFEE, JASPAL GROUP (Jaspal Public Company Limited), said: “With JASPAL GROUP’s vision to be a leader in the lifestyle fashion business and to serve people around the world, we have expanded from our foundation of strength in fashion retail to more comprehensive lifestyle businesses. This is how C.P.S. COFFEE originated – a specialty coffee and lifestyle bar-style café developed from the success of our fashion brand – CPS CHAPS. 

“We launched C.P.S. COFFEE in 2019 under the concept of COFFEE, PASSION and SPECIALTY to reflect the brand’s character. This coffee is brewed with passion and care at every step, from the selection of coffee beans, ingredients and equipment to the expertise of the barista.

“The café business tends to grow continuously, and café culture has become an integral part of people’s lives, with ‘café hopping’ fast becoming a hobby and lifestyle choice. Hence, the concept behind C.P.S. COFFEE, including an exclusive coffee menu, the location of outlets as well as the atmosphere of the shop’s decoration, have been the key to its success and continuous growth. 

“In the second half of 2023, we plan to launch 3 models to expand the brand, so it becomes even better known among target groups,” Mr. Apisit said.

Ms. Malika Chawla, Senior Director of C.P.S. COFFEE, said: “Currently, C.P.S. COFFEE has 2 models, namely the ‘Coffee Bar’, with a cool design, that has been opened in three locations, namely ICONSIAM, Terminal 21 Asoke, and Central Festival Eastville, and the ‘Flagship Store’ model, which is opening in Sukhumvit Soi 53. This coffee house is 2-storey.” 

She added that under the expansion plan for the second half of 2023, the company will move forward with 3 models:

Pop-up Store: The first-ever C.P.S. COFFEE pop-up store was opened on the ground floor of Siam Paragon shopping mall on July 5. The store aims to make the brand more widely known by making the most of Siam Paragon’s potential, as it has a lot of traffic. The pop-up store’s unique design also presents a perfect background for selfies and is cool enough for café hoppers to check in and share their experiences on social media.

Coffee Bar: This model has proved to be successful, with C.P.S. COFFEE setting up coffee bars in shopping centers. In the second half of 2023, the company plans to take this model to the provinces by opening two branches in Phuket, namely in Jungceylon and Central Phuket shopping centers. Apart from this, the Coffee Bar model will also be applied in various office buildings and mixed-use projects in locations like Bangkok’s Vivre Langsuan project, etc.

Coffee Truck: This model has been designed to serve coffee to target groups in areas of interest such as concerts, food and beverage festivals, music and art festivals, etc. The aim is to ensure                             C.P.S. COFFEE brand fits into every lifestyle and can provide a more comprehensive style of customer service. 

“With all 3 models of C.P.S. COFFEE available in the second half of 2023,

we are confident we will be able to reach a wider, more comprehensive span of target customers and build brand awareness faster.  By offering impressive experiences to customers, JASPAL GROUP will reinforce its vision as a leader in lifestyle business that brings true happiness to people,” Mr. Apisit said.