Lead Data Engineer (Data Engineer / Data Architect)

To support data driven business, projects; designing & implementing data architecture, process and technology infrastructure that effectively support data-and-analytics activities at scale. And driving Machine Learning and AI solution.


  1. Analyze information flow and recommend appropriate technology to provide support to all business processes.
  2. Determine procedure to identify and collect all required data, validate process and recommend improvements to corporate data.
  3. Design and provide support to all data management methodologies according to required standards.
  4. Define structure, integrate, govern, store, describe, model, and maintain data in the enterprise for accuracy and usage maintaining current state.
  5. Map to information entities that can define how information should flow and be consumed by various business and IT users.
  6. Monitor and identify appropriate tools and systems to achieve all data technology goals.
  7. Document data architecture data inventory and data flow diagrams and maintain knowledge.
  8. Suggest Data Architecture design in JASPAL projects
  9. Suggest and implement the Data Science solution/projects in ML, AI and Data Technologies.