23 November 2023 / NEWS

JASPAL launched the newest JASPAL flagship store on the second floor of centralwOrld shopping center Explore for the first time the JASPAL Home & Lifestyle and celebrate a festival of happiness with a new fashion collection “Be Your Own Star”.

JASPAL, a Thai fashion brand that stands out with a myriad of designs that celebrate every lifestyle, launches its newest flagship store on the second floor of the centralwOrld shopping center covering over 460 square meters. The brand’s modern and elegant identity is creatively showcased through the flagship store designed by a team of renowned Italian designers.

The JASPAL Home & Lifestyle zone was set up to showcase home decoration products to perfectly convey JASPAL’s unique fashion style onto products that will fully meet the needs of fashionistas at home.

The event was graced by celebrities, actors and fashion icons who were keen to offer their congratulations and experience the JASPAL Flagship Store. These include Taew – Natapohn Tameeruks, Nonkul – Chanon Santinatornkul, Jes – Jespipat Tilapornputt, Yam – Matira Tantiprasut, Chao – Chavalit Chittanant and Leng – Thanaphon Usinsap all of whom were wearing the latest fashion collection by JASPAL “Be Your Own Star” to celebrate the year-end festive moments

Wilasinee Singhsachathet, General Manager, JASPAL GROUP or Jaspal Public Limited Company, mentions that “The JASPAL brand is the first fashion brand of the company that has always existed side by side with Thai people. Throughout, JASPAL has created many important fashion phenomena, whether it is launching collaborations with actors, artists, or global fashion brands or delivering trendy and quality fashion products with outstanding designs. It has always been able to answer the needs of those who love fashion.

“Most recently, JASPAL launched a flagship store at centralwOrld shopping center, which is the first such store that represents the extension of the JASPAL fashion brand into a lifestyle business. There is a JASPAL Home & Lifestyle zone with a total area of 60 square meters, selling home decoration products, such as wine glasses, tableware, bed sheets, pillowcases, vases, lamps, and candlesticks, etc. The products’ design concept is a combination of classic and contemporary with a charming Italian touch, but with ideas that allow customers to have fun decorating their homes like they have fun with fashion. It is a perfect combination of classic and timeless items with trendy items.”

In the JASPAL Home & Lifestyle zone, products are divided into two collections:

(1) Neutral Chic: A collection of home decorations that reflect classic and contemporary charm, conveyed through delicate textures and patterns that convey calm in classic, timeless colors.

(2) Fun Pop: A collection that reflects the fun and bright cool in JASPAL style that is interpreted through a bold color palette, combined with geometric elements and Mid-Century inspired patterns.

The flagship store at centralwOrld offers customers a world-class experience with a store area of more than 460 square meters conceived by a well-known design team from Milan in Italy. This eye-catching space reinforces JASPAL’s strength in fashion, with the flagship store boasting the most complete collection of fashion items available for both Thais and foreigners.

The main design of the store was inspired by Italian design concepts from the ’70s and ’80s as well as the Space Age Culture, in the form of geometric space layout, oversized lamps placed in the center of the store and a large metal counter. Walkways within the store are skillfully laid out with handmade and polished tiles as well as ceramics in the shades of beige, nude and mint green that are exclusive to the JASPAL flagship store. Different corners of the store also sport items of interest and novelty. This store is perhaps the most perfect combination of the charm of Italian design and Thai craftsmanship through the perspective of contemporary luxury.

The launch of the JASPAL Flagship Store at centralwOrld at also a launch event of the brand’s latest fashion collection “Be Your Own Star” which invites everyone to celebrate the year-end festive season. The collection tells a story of the shining light of stars and galaxy through fashion design concept for both men and women as well as the accessories such as purses and jewelry. Print pattern, embroidery and sparkly materials are used in combination with the Fall/Winter 2023 palette of purple, silver and black.

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