We love fashion. We love eyewear. And we love people.

But what we don’t love is the ever-increasing prices people are being asked to pay for so-called“designer” eyewear. We know how much it really costs to make fashionable, high-quality eyeglasses using the exact same prescription lenses, materials and techniques as more famous brands, and frankly it’s a fraction of what they’re charging on a regular basis.

We believe that everybody deserves to see, and to be able to express their own individual sense of style while they’re doing it, regardless of their financial status. That’s why we’ve created an alternative fashion eyewear company that puts customers first, instead of profits.A fashion eyewear company that asks people to pay only for actual value, not some logo. A fashion eyewear company that says you don’t have to be a slave to a brand - any brand - to see and look your absolute best.

Wear your independence. Welcome to V Eyewear.