CC Double O

CC Double O is the latest collection created by JASPAL group, whom is well known for its stylish craftsmanship and exceptional quality. It was inspired from the American life, offering a full causal lifestyle including clothes, bags and accessories.

CC Double O is suitable for active men and women who have an exciting lifestyle. It is a classic, casual, stylish brand of clothing that is synonymous with quality. The appeal is focus on the young audience, who are out-going and adventurous, believing that comfort and fashion can go hand in hand. Vintage-inspired sportswear and tees, combined with sexy cuts and modern tailoring giving CC Double O customers a confident, individual and fashionable style.

In the denim collection, the style is classic vintage. Woman's T-shirts are unique in the process techniques and have humorous messages written on it. The shirts are fitted by using special weaving techniques to match with any kind of bottom including mini skirts and pants. All the washes for the fabrics are formulated to give the latter a distinguished look. Also vintage-inspired, the man's collection is not far different in terms of style.
Graphics on T-shirts are carefully silkscreen and messages are quirky and sarcastic.
Always active in the social life, the CC Double O man will find himself popular with the crowd with the good sense of humor, convey by the T-shirt he wears. The jeans are produced in different fits to give a variety of styles. Combining exemplary cut details with different washes, this give the CC Double O man a fashionable look.

Causal collection is suitable for women with feminine look. All the tops are made with lightweight material so that the woman can move without restrictions. Patterns and prints are designed for the bottoms, including skirts and pants, to ooze sensuality and vitality from the woman. This is important for the woman who have an active lifestyle without having to compromise. The man's collection is simple yet functional. T-shirts "engraved" with CC Double O logo paired with comfortable slacks is what the man needs to start off an active day.